Best Dresses to Welcome the Spring

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Spring is almost here. Can’t wait to receive it because the winter has been very cold in Stockholm.

I am wishing to leave the coat in the closet and wear the beautiful trends that are coming this spring 2018.

This season is a plenty of romantic dresses: Flower prints are trends setting, but we cannot forget lace dresses, pastel pink shades and sequin gowns.

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Discover What I Did in Washington DC

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Why is Washington DC one of my favorite cities in the world? Join me on my last stay in the capital of the United States, before I moved to Stockholm. I visited the Memorials, Monuments, Museums (that are free of charge), and The White House. I ate in great restaurants, strolled through its beautiful streets and walks, and I felt patriotic about my country.

Let me know if you have any question.



Fernandina Beach

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We drove to Fernandina Beach and stayed for the day just to relax and enjoy this picturesque place where natural beauty is abundant. Fernandina Beach is on Amelia Island at Florida's northeast border with Georgia. The day started sunny, but suddenly the rain came. What a pity, because it is a very charming city! I would have loved to continue exploring this place but the rain put a stop to it… I’ll be back someday.

Before I departed for DC, I visited my hairdresser, Tammy, who works at Supercuts in Jacksonville (Florida). She did a fantastic job on my hair. I left Florida a little bit nostalgic but satisfied. I am going to miss my family, friends, the sun, the beach, the pool at the apartment, and the beautiful people.


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V Pizza

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Today I went to have lunch with my Floridian family. We visited V Pizza because they offer gluten free crust and vegan cheese. I am a very healthy person and I love to cook at home; however, when I go out to eat, I try to look for places that have healthy alternatives.

After lunch, we walked through Memorial Park in Riverside and enjoyed the beautiful view of the river and downtown.

Another day, we discovered some brightly colored graffiti art murals on Adam Street. It was candy for my eyes.

The United States is one of the best places for shopping, you can find the best quality products, and there are always great sales and deals. It is also nice when you park your car and see that you are alone in the parking lot. You have the store all to yourself, even if for a short while.

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Starting a new life

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Hello again my friends!
It has been some time since I have updated my blog (I have been updating my Social Media). This is because I have been very busy organizing my move from Baku to Stockholm. I spent some time in America this summer, where I took care of some business before starting my new life in beautiful Sweden.

It is always a pleasure to come to Florida - it is so sunny and summery here. People are very charming and welcoming.

I like to walk on the Riverwalk along the lovely St. Johns River in Downtown Jacksonville. On the other side of the river is the Jacksonville Landing that has a small shopping mall and assorted restaurants, where you can enjoy of a variety of cuisine and diverse music.

I was born near the sea and that's where I always feel my best. Jacksonville Beach and Neptune Beach are two of my favorite places in north Florida. The sand is gorgeous and white. These places offer a range of activities, including water sports, relaxation, nightlife and lots of restaurants.

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DUBAI Travel Vlog

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Currently I live near Dubai (2 hours and a half by air), and I had to visit it before I moved away. This is one of the fastest growing cities, has all the superlative buildings, most luxurious hotels with amazing beaches and the biggest mall in the world.
However, I didn’t want to focus only in the superficial side of Dubai, so I also explored other parts of the city that are very beautiful too, like local markets, museums, and a cruise through the Dubai Creek.
In my video you will discover the best of Dubai.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment!

The return of Monsters of Rock Cruise – East Coast 2017

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The 2017 Monsters of Rock Cruise was the greatest metal show on earth. It was the third time I experienced this cruise and hopefully it will not be my last. This time around we departed from Tampa, Florida on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas and sailed on February 2nd, 2017 for 5 days & nights. We stopped in Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico, where I had the good luck to enjoy an excursion with Cinderella’s Tom Keifer.

In this video you are going to see these concerts: Vince Neil “The Voice of Mötley Crüe,” Cinderella’s Tom Keifer, Queensrÿche, Winger, Danger Danger, Lynch Mob Night Ranger, Black’N Blue, Electric Boys, Stryper, John Corabi, Beasto Blanco, Heavens Edge, Slaughter, Kix, Y&T, D-A-D, Joel Hoekstra, Soto & Girlschool.
I hope you enjoy with my favorite music!

In addition to the band performances, the cruise also featured special events, including: Q&A’s, MOR Artist Photo Experiences, “Cooking with Rock Stars”, and more. You are going to see everything on this video.

Have a good time!


Welcome to Miami

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Florida is my state. It is so nice to come back for vacation. Especially in the winter because it has the best weather ever!
Miami is my favorite city in the state of Florida (also Key West, you can watch my Vlog here: because of its attractions: the beaches, the culture, the clubs, the shopping malls, the restaurants, and, of course, the lifestyle.
This is paradise!
What do you think about this marvelous city? Have you been there?
Make sure to leave me a comment!


Starting 2017 in Tbilisi (Georgia)

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I traveled to Tbilisi, Georgia for New Year’s Eve. Since living in Baku (Azerbaijan), all my friends talk positively about this city.
The year 2017 couldn’t begin in a better way. Georgia’s capital was a great surprise: It’s one of the most vividly original cities I have been to.
Why is this city so magical? It's a mix of everything. It has warm-hearted people; mountains, rivers, valleys and meadows that meet the metropolis; nightlife and amazing traditional cuisine.
Tbilisi is a city of contrasts, a meeting point between eastern and western civilizations for centuries and is unusually modest.
Thank you very much!

Experiencing Madrid in a Day

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Madrid is an unforgettable city. Once you experience the capital of Spain, it catches you forever.
I have lived in Madrid for 17 years and I cannot stop thinking about how happy I was in it.
It is one of the trendiest European cities and every year receives millions of tourists. Filled with world-class museums, incredible restaurants, historical monuments, parks, theaters, and a population that never seems to sleep, Madrid has a pleasing dry climate that makes the visitors experience enjoyable throughout the four seasons.
In my video, you will see how to spend a day in Madrid, beginning with a walk through La Latina quarter and finishing in the popular Buen Retiro Park. I stop in famous places such as San Miguel Market, Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol, Gran Via and I take you to see the best view of Madrid from the rooftop terrace of the Círculo de Bellas Artes.
Thanks for watching!

Fashion Week Diaries | Trends Spring-Summer 2017

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I love to live overseas and experience other cultures. This gives me the opportunity to discover the talent of local artists, as it happens every time I attend the Azerbaijan Fashion Week.
Fashion Week opened in Baku on November 21th, 2016 and took place at the Stone Chronicle Museum.
Fashion designers from Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia and Kazakhstan participated on this occasion.
In this video, you will enjoy the fashion shows of One to One, Tamara Lamanukaeva, Snezhana Gorobets, Zenka & Mari, Christophe Guillarme, Poalen, Bos by Oksana Barkhatova, Tako Dvalishvili and Yes Couture.
The main purpose of this event was to popularize growing fashion industry in Azerbaijan. It gave an opportunity to creative designers to show their work to the world. It was an event that pulled local and international buyers, press and fashion critics together.

Sunset Stript on a boat: Monsters of Rock West Coast

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This was my second Monsters of Rock Cruise and it was spectacular. It was such a great time seeing friends that I met last time and getting to know new ones.
The lineup consisted of many of the Sunset Strip’s legendary Rock n Roll bands as well as others from around the country and around the world: Mr Big, The Winery Dogs, Warrant, FireHouse, Quiet Riot, Loudness, Pretty Maids, L.A. Guns, Vixen, Kix, Slaughter, John Corabi, Autograph, Babylon A.D., Shark Island, Firehouse, Ratt, and the list goes on and on!
The bands themselves were enough to draw me to the cruise, but the awesome people I met on board really made it special! It’s like a giant family.
Monsters of Rock Cruise ‘West Coast’ (October 1-5, 2016) departure from Los Angeles with stops in Santa Catalina Island (California) and Ensenada (Mexico).
Can't wait till the next one in February 2017!

Wonderful things to do and see in Washington D.C.

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If there is one city that I love with all my heart and I am completely happy when living there, it is Washington DC.
Many times I dream about DC and I get emotional. It is such an awesome city!
Since the first moment that I arrived, I connected with its energy and felt that it was designed for me.
When I was living there, I woke up very early every weekend to experience it. There are so many things to see and do that you never finish

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In Love with Budapest | Travel Vlog

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History, architecture, culture, energy, food, people… Budapest is a gem of a city! I really fell in love with the capital of Hungary. It reminds me of my dear Madrid and another European cities such as Vienna or Munich.
It is tourist friendly and easy to get around. There is a lot of beauty everywhere: green parks, rolling hills, historic Ottoman relics and the legendary Castle District in Buda.
Budapest is in fact two cities divided by the River Danube. On one bank is Pest and on the other is Buda, which is considered the more affluent of the two. It also hosts the Royal Palace and many important government buildings. However, the huge and richly ornate Parliament Building, is across the river on the Pest side.

We stayed at the Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments which located in a pedestrian street in the heart of the city.

Thank you very much for watching!


Incredible and unique wonders of Baku

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Within 15 miles (25 km) of Baku there are beautiful places such as Yanar Dag, the Eternally Burning Mountain of Azerbaijan, and the XII century Ramana Castle. Yanar Dag is a 380 feet (116 meters) hill located on top of a pocket of natural gas that constantly erupts into flames. These flames can jet out at least 9.8 feet (three meters) into the air, through a porous layer of sandstone. Unlike the mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan, Yanar Dag contains gas and oil but has no seepage of mud or liquid, so the fire always burns. The flames continue through the rain and snow and are believed to have been burning non-stop for 4,000 years.

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Dreams do come true: Living the best concerts on a cruise

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I couldn’t experience live concerts when I was young because my Dad was very strict about my education and social life.
However, thanks to Monsters of Rock and my husband I could live my second teen years by hitting the high seas with the best hard rock/heavy metal bands.

You can also watch the video that I filmed and recently posted about the cruise.

Montse & Sebastian Bach_1 (Custom)

Sebastian Bach has been my idol since I was a teenager


Little Black Dress, pumps & blue complements

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Hello everyone!

The summer is almost here and I am very excited. This is my favorite time of the year. I love warm weather because I can go to the beach, have dinner at the restaurant’s terraces, enjoy walking and traveling… There’s so many things to do.

I went to Zara a few weeks ago and bought some outfits. I will be showing you my acquisitions in this and another post coming up.

IMG_417333_ok (Custom)

This season’s new Zara dress is a classic and incredibly adaptable. At night, if the weather gets cold, it would look gorgeous with a camel colored trench coat or a red cardigan.


The Fashion Week Blogger Universe

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The Fashion Week Blogger Universe

This is my last video about the Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016. This time, it’s not all about the women. You can watch the most elegant men posing at the photocall. Also, you will see a blooper that I left in for you to laugh at. See, things don’t ALWAYS go right – in fact, they rarely do. Luckily it is entertaining sometimes.

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Relaxing weekend in Mingachevir (Azerbaijan) “Spa, pool & boat tour”

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We needed to take a break from work and everyday life and have some fun, so we decided to spend the weekend in Mingachevir, a very lovely city, whose river, the Kura, is the biggest and longest in the South Caucasus. Also, there is a large reservoir in northwestern Azerbaijan that is the largest in the Caucasus.
We stayed at the Agsaray Deluxe Hotel where we ate, drank, swam at the pool and relaxed at the spa. We had walks, took a boat tour, and visited the Mingachevir reservoir. We came back to Baku with our batteries completely recharged.
Comments, please! Thanks a lot!

My job as a blogger at the Fashion Week

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I have always worked in the past as a reporter/journalist/producer in television and other mass media. Currently, I am not living in my country (I am American/Spanish and I am living in Baku). That’s why I turned my passion into my profession – a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I have created my own business and through it I try to offer the same quality of entertainment from my television days to the public now through my channel and social media. A fashion blogger is essentially a writer, photographer, publicist and editor all rolled into one and that requires a lot of skillsets and dedication.

O57B216999 (Custom)


Inside the Fashion Week Vlog | Day 2

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I was amazed at seeing these beautiful outfits on my second journey to the Azerbaijan Fashion Week on May 24th, 2016. This time, I also went backstage with the models while they were preparing for the catwalk. Here are the trends to wear for this Fall/Winter 2016.
The Boulevard Hotel Baku is the place where it is being celebrated. Participants have the chance to buy the clothes presented at the shows, and pieces from many others brands such as UGLY, Dameli, Datuna, Tako Dvaliashvili, Natia Tkhelidze, Samidel, Tamta Shindelishvili, Verbena, and Smirnova.
On this video, you can watch the Runway expositions of the following Fashion Designers: Jgenti Kristina, Snezhanna Gorobets and La Li by Laine Volkova.
Fashion is art!

Azerbaijan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2016 Vlog | Day 1

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If you love fashion, you will enjoy this video! Here are the trends to wear for this Fall/Winter 2016.

This is the first day of the Azerbaijan Fashion Week on May 23rd, 2016. Also it’s the second time that I attended this semi-annual event, because I have been living in Baku for the last seven months.

The Boulevard Hotel Baku is the place where it is being celebrated. Participants have the chance to buy the clothes presented at the shows, and pieces from many others brands such as UGLY, Dameli, Datuna, Tako Dvaliashvili, Natia Tkhelidze, Samidel, Tamta Shindelishvili, Verbena, and Smirnova.

On this video, you can watch the Runway expositions of the following Fashion Designers: Alex Chzhen, Tamara Lamanukaeva, Salle de Mode and K Fabuel.

I hope you like it!

Becoming one with nature: Travel Vlog: Lankaran & Lerik (Azerbaijan)

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I am continuing to explore Azerbaijan. This time I visited two wonderful cities: Lankaran and Lerik.
This trip was very rewarding for me. I could breathe clean air in the middle of the nature which was refreshing. Plus, this was our first official trip in Azerbaijan on our Harley.
They are the perfect places for people who want to get away from civilization, to have a breath of fresh sea or mountain air, enjoy the view of the lush landscape and listen to the sound of the rivers and waterfalls.

Discovering an ancient city: Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan) Travel Guide

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As you know, I posted my Nakhchivan Travel Vlog a few days ago and today I want to share some of our pictures with you along with some tips and recommendations from our personal experience.

I have been living in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, for the last five months. Now that spring has arrived and the weather is warmer, I am starting to experience this country, which is very beautiful and captivating.

IMG_3617_1 (Custom)


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