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I wanted to share some of the pictures with you of the Azerbaijan Fashion Week, which was held at Boulevard Hotel Baku. I covered this event during the four days that it lasted and I feel privileged to have been invited to it. As I said in my first post, I have attended other Fashion Weeks, but it was my first time in Azerbaijan as I recently moved to Baku.




Jacket: The Extreme Collection

Sweater: Burberry

Leather pants: Topshop

On the first day, the press conference described the order of events to take place for the media and press.


IED – Istituto Europeo di Design, an Italian design school, awarded 3 scholarships to the winners of the Young Designer Contest promoted by AFW.


International experts of the fashion-industry, buyers of modern retail networks and boutiques, representatives of international and local fashion publications, PR-agencies and fashion lovers in general attended this event.




There were pop up shops, showrooms, an open bar and a DJ set up in large the foyer of the Hotel.






M.A.C. Cosmetics exclusively provided makeup services for the event. I must say, for the record, that M.A.C. is one of my favorite makeup brands so I am a little biased toward them. You can see the amazing results M.A.C. delivered to the look of the models on the runaways in the videos that I recorded (my last posts).

The main purpose of the Fashion Week was to highlight the growing fashion industry in Azerbaijan and create the opportunity for the talented local designers to showcase their potential. Along with the locals, designers from countries such as Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, France and Spain presented their collections as well.

These dresses are design by Jamila Melikova.


The black jacket that I am trying on in this picture is a George Pantsulaia design.


This picture was taken minutes before the runway display of the famous Spanish fashion designer Rosa Clara. She is considered progressive and a pioneer in bringing luxury, quality and prestige to the brides of today. Rosa Clara’s collection conveys emotion and creates a magnetic environment that wraps beauty, elegance, exquisiteness and unique style all together at once. (Click here to watch the runway video).


Dress: Mango

Shoes: Calvin Klein

Pic 10

On the last day I put my hair up in a bun because Baku is a very windy city and that day the wind was stronger than usual.

IMG_0284 ok

People waiting for the art show by Leyla Akhmedova, “Heritage of Azerbaijan”, on the last day.

pic 11

I hope you enjoy!


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