Day to night: Change a dress from casual to elegant with only accessories

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Zara is the world’s largest fashion retailer and I love it. I think that it is great because it has good-quality options, the price is reasonable, and you can find it in any mall or shopping avenue. Zara is where I bought this dress, which is very comfortable and adaptable.

_MG_6460_1_1 (Custom)

During the day I wear it with my New Yorker sneakers because they too are very comfortable. I walk through the city and the Baku promenade during daylight hours.

_MG_6412_2 (Custom)

At night, I change the complements and I turn the look from causal to chic to diner out in an elegant restaurant.

_MG_6442_2_1 (Custom)

_MG_6453_1_1 (Custom)

_MG_6450_1_1 (Custom)

I hope you’re having a great weekend and thanks for reading!


Dress: Zara 

Sneakers: New Yorker 

Bag: Tommy Hilfiger (similar here)

Shoes: Calvin Klein

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