Discovering an ancient city: Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan) Travel Guide

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As you know, I posted my Nakhchivan Travel Vlog a few days ago and today I want to share some of our pictures with you along with some tips and recommendations from our personal experience.

I have been living in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, for the last five months. Now that spring has arrived and the weather is warmer, I am starting to experience this country, which is very beautiful and captivating.

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The first place I traveled to is Nakhchivan, a landlocked enclave of the Republic of Azerbaijan. This territory is bordering Armenia to the east and north, Iran to the south and west and Turkey to the northwest.

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(In this picture you can see Nakhchivan. Iran is on the other side of the water).

The best way to get to Nakhchivan is to fly from Baku. Azerbaijan Airlines provides 3-6 scheduled flights every day from the capital.

Nakhchivan has a lot of ancient cultural monuments, such as the Momine Khatun Mausoleum that was constructed in the XII century and represents the architectural tradition of the medieval era of the region.

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Behind the monument you can see the Kahn Palace, built in 1747. At the present time, it serves as a museum with more than 900 exhibits in eight presentation halls in the museum.

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Nakhchivangala is a fortress that is also very rich in archeological materials, especially the pottery fragments and stone maces. Nowadays, it is a historical and architectural museum complex.

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There is an underground mine shaft that served as a shelter. A hall was opened in the upper part for ventilation and lighting. There is also a well inside the cave. The fortress was mostly destroyed, but the remaining parts attract attention for its uniqueness.

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The Alinja Fortress is an unusual and magnificent place located on the top of a mountain top, near the town of Julfa. It dated back to the 6th-8th centuries. However, the fortress was destroyed and rebuilt several times.

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Inside the walls, on the lower slopes of the mountains there are springs and water tanks.

IMG_3473_1 (Custom)

The highest top is the Gapichig mountain.

IMG_3495_1 (Custom)

(Beautiful landscape and rainbow)

We stayed at the Duzdag Hotel that is located in an isolated area, 10 km from Nakhichevan. It offers a sauna, a Turkish bath, a tennis court, an indoor and outdoor pool, game tables and a gym.

It also features a physiotherapy clinic, located a five minute drive away, with various treatments and special salt caves for patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma.

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We also went to the mountains and enjoyed the snow. The landscape was breathtaking.

IMG_3557_1 (Custom)

One of the things that called my attention was this door. It has two bells: the one on the right is for men and the one of the left is for women. If a man knocks at the door, another man will open and if a woman knocks with the feminine side, a female will attend her.

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The last thing we did was a tour to the spectacular Ashab-e-Kahf. This is a sanctuary in a natural cave, between Ilandagh and Nahajir mountains, a 12 km distance from Nakhchivan city. It means “Cave masters” in Arabic. Currently pilgrims, tourists and guests from other regions of Azerbaijan and from foreign countries visit here regularly.

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