Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Los Angeles Travel Guide

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This was one of the most incredible trips I have taken in my life because I visited three of the places that I dreamed about since I was a little girl.


Below I am sharing with you some of our pictures, tips and recommendations from our personal experience.

We started the trip in Denver, where we rented a Harley Davidson at Eagleriders.



Near the Grand Canyon, we stayed at the Cameron Trading Post Motel in Cameron (Arizona), on highway 89 near state road 64, which is actually the entrance into the Park. Their Southwestern style rooms are decorated in a Native American Indian art motif indicative of Grand Canyon Indian country. This hotel is a hidden pearl in the oyster. It is very close to the Grand Canyon but is much more reasonably priced considering the quality and location than the chain hotels near Flagstaff. It is also extremely more reasonable than the hotels inside the National Park. The staff was wonderful and the rooms very, very clean. When you look it up on the internet you may not think much of it but trust me, there is much more to it than meets the eye. Remember this is a gem of a deal so it is “our little secret” so don’t tell anyone else about it or you may never find a room vacancy when you want to go.



The Grand Canyon Natural Park is a very unique place. It’s impossible to compare it to any other location I had previously been to or even seen in pictures or TV. Its breathtaking landscape, wildlife and magical nature easily make you fall in love with it instantly. It is completely awe inspiring. There is no way to show it in picture, video or put into words the magnificence of this place. Nothing can do it justice. It is truly a place that you have to be there and experience to understand. All of the craziness and fast pace of the world just melts away while you are here.





Our second stop was a completely different change of pace: Las Vegas, a city internationally known for gambling, shopping and nightlife.

It’s a very interesting place to discover, mostly at night, because it has a lot of shows, concerts, lights and wild nightlife. It looks completely different, almost industrial, in the day time so feel free to stay out late and sleep late the next day.




There are a lot of great hotels and resorts on the Strip and most of them are very good quality with reasonable prices. You will be pleasantly surprised what a small of money will get you in terms of lodging. A $100 hotel room here would easily cost double or triple that in any other holiday location. Because they have casinos inside most hotels, you could almost say the rooms are subsidized through guest gambling. We stayed at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, which is located near the south end of the ‘strip’, but all of the hotels in that area are great. As you move north up the strip the landscape, hotels and general vibe gets older but not necessarily worse. You get the feeling that you will see Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or Sammy Davis Jr walk across the street in front of you at any time. Also, wedding chapels abound here so if you’re looking to get married fast and cheap then this is the place to tie the knot.



The last city was Los Angeles, one of my favorite places in the world. I’d say it’s in the Top 5! It is a very creative and spellbinding city. I studied Audiovisual Communication in University because I love cinema and mass media, so Los Angeles and Hollywood REALLY resonates with me. After watching so many Hollywood movies, it felt like coming home even though it was my first (but not last) visit.


We took the Warner Bros. Studio Tour with no regrets. It has a block of cool New York City facades and lots of other wonderful props and sets. Your senses become stymied and you don’t know what is real or fake. We had to if even the restrooms were real. It is a great look into the world of movies, television and the magic that goes on behind the scenes.




They reveal some very interesting secrets of the trade that give you a new perspective when watching movies and TV. Plus, I worked in a co-production with Warner Bros when I was living in Madrid, so it was very special moment for me. Other “must see” things are the Santa Monica pier, Venice Beach and the walk of Stars.


If you have time I would highly suggest a rental car trip through the slow and winding roads of the Topanga State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains. Any of the smaller roads from Malibu to Calabasas will do. I dare you try this without succumbing to the urge of popping an Eagles CD into the stereo and “Take It Easy” while driving through the timeless views of Southern California. Round out your trip with a scenic Ocean view drive along the Pacific Coast Highway for literally breathtaking views the whole way.

If you haven’t watched my Grand Canyon and Las Vegas Vlog, click here please.

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