Incredible and unique wonders of Baku

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Within 15 miles (25 km) of Baku there are beautiful places such as Yanar Dag, the Eternally Burning Mountain of Azerbaijan, and the XII century Ramana Castle. Yanar Dag is a 380 feet (116 meters) hill located on top of a pocket of natural gas that constantly erupts into flames. These flames can jet out at least 9.8 feet (three meters) into the air, through a porous layer of sandstone. Unlike the mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan, Yanar Dag contains gas and oil but has no seepage of mud or liquid, so the fire always burns. The flames continue through the rain and snow and are believed to have been burning non-stop for 4,000 years.

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Dreams do come true: Living the best concerts on a cruise

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I couldn’t experience live concerts when I was young because my Dad was very strict about my education and social life.
However, thanks to Monsters of Rock and my husband I could live my second teen years by hitting the high seas with the best hard rock/heavy metal bands.

You can also watch the video that I filmed and recently posted about the cruise.

Montse & Sebastian Bach_1 (Custom)

Sebastian Bach has been my idol since I was a teenager


Little Black Dress, pumps & blue complements

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Hello everyone!

The summer is almost here and I am very excited. This is my favorite time of the year. I love warm weather because I can go to the beach, have dinner at the restaurant’s terraces, enjoy walking and traveling… There’s so many things to do.

I went to Zara a few weeks ago and bought some outfits. I will be showing you my acquisitions in this and another post coming up.

IMG_417333_ok (Custom)

This season’s new Zara dress is a classic and incredibly adaptable. At night, if the weather gets cold, it would look gorgeous with a camel colored trench coat or a red cardigan.


The Fashion Week Blogger Universe

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The Fashion Week Blogger Universe

This is my last video about the Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016. This time, it’s not all about the women. You can watch the most elegant men posing at the photocall. Also, you will see a blooper that I left in for you to laugh at. See, things don’t ALWAYS go right – in fact, they rarely do. Luckily it is entertaining sometimes.

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