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I have always worked in the past as a reporter/journalist/producer in television and other mass media. Currently, I am not living in my country (I am American/Spanish and I am living in Baku). That’s why I turned my passion into my profession – a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I have created my own business and through it I try to offer the same quality of entertainment from my television days to the public now through my channel and social media. A fashion blogger is essentially a writer, photographer, publicist and editor all rolled into one and that requires a lot of skillsets and dedication.

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The Fashion Week is a fantastic event. All my friends say that I am lucky to attend it as a press correspondent. The truth is that I do not have an opportunity to enjoy it like the rest of the attendees because I spend most of my time concentrating on the work aspect of it. I take video and pictures, talk with the organizers, models and spectators looking for the most interesting things to create content for everyone that would love to experience these kind of events but cannot come.

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Samira Rasulova, Venera Models Agency Manager

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O57B21777okVenera Models

I explore the most fascinating scenes to share the best with all of you. I have to capture the trends for the new season, and in this case, this was at the Azerbaijan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016. I showed up backstage before the event to look at beauty trends and see how hair and makeup is done.

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La Li by Laine Volkova

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IMG_4404_1 (Custom)Alex Chzhen

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Being a blogger often involves multi-tasking like crazy. It means carrying several sets of cameras, a phone, an iPad, a tripod, loads of portable chargers, memory cards and maybe a laptop. This is very laborious. In short, it’s not always ‘fun and games’.

I must have a presence across all social media platforms, and see it as an essential part of my job to keep them updated regularly. There are so many bloggers out there doing the same thing, so to be unique, a blogger needs to make his/her content stand out and come up with a different spin on it. I like to think I put a little essence of “me” in each posting by injecting my experience in television from yesteryear.

Montse stage_2 (Custom)

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Collezioni Italia

IMG_4439_1 (Custom)

Tranquini drink

IMG_4461_1 (Custom)

Love at the catwalk


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I am Montse Baughan, Communications, Image and Brand Consultant, welcome to my official blog. While my professional background is in Communications, Social Media, Branding, Image and Fashion, you’ll also find a little of everything else including Beauty, Lifestyle, Trends, Travel and Wellness content here.

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