Tip’s on a healthy diet to live young and happy

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Hi beauties!

Many people ask me about my diet and my way of eating because I eat a lot, but I am slim. I also have a lot of energy and rarely get sick. This is because I follow the Macrobiotic diet.

I learned most of my cooking skills from my mother, who is a great cook. I have worked all my life in communications and branding, but cooking was also one of my many interests because we are what we eat.

This is not a diet per se. It is more a philosophy of life which provides meaning for how to live and inspiration to change perspectives and habits. Macrobiotics is the practical application of the natural laws of change. The term comes from the Greek: “macro” meaning great, and “bios” meaning life.

Montse breakfast_2

My breakfast always consists of vegetable milk and oats. Sometimes I include whole grain toasts with natural peanut butter -no sugar added


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Golden Globes 2016: The best of the Red Carpet

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Red carpet season has officially started. The Golden Globes kicked off awards season with a slew of awesome looks. Here is what I think were the most memorable looks and the most beautiful dresses of the night.

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