How I created a 1940’s look for the Marine Ball

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The first week I arrived in Baku I attended my first social event: The Marine Ball at the Four Seasons Hotel. However, I still hadn’t received my belongs, so I didn’t have an evening dress available. I only had a bag with basic makeup and clothing articles.

I did not yet know the city in order to go shopping so my best option was to wear the Pleated Dress from Zara that I bought a month before in Manhattan. It was a simple dress, but I knew I could make something beautiful with it.

The most important factor to making a look is not necessarily the dress or its brand, but the knowledge and creativity to do it. This Zara dress inspired me to create a 1940’s look. Even being in a new city without most of my tools, I knew I could do it.

I always have admired actresses like Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake. Creating a vintage look is a definite art form, and getting just the right look takes practice and time.


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Most Dramatic Runway Show

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The last day of the Azerbaijan Fashion Week was fascinating thanks to Leyla Akhmedova's inventiveness. She transported the public to a fascinating place thanks to her creative and theatrical clothing full of exoticism and originality. She borrowed heavily from elements of the circus.


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