Travel Vlog: Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan)

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Last weekend I travelled to Azerbaijan’s isolated enclave, Nakhchivan, which is wedged between Turkey, Armenia and Iran. Known as the land of Noah, it shares no land border with mainland Azerbaijan and the only access to it is by airplane.

Nakhchivan is the oldest city of Azerbaijan. Its geographical position, fauna and flora and its ancient cultural monuments, make this a very unique place in the world.

I look forward to reading your comments.

Topshop Lookbook: Striped Dress & Booties

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Spring is here and I am feeling the warm weather coming to Baku. After being spoiled by being in Florida, where it is warm all the year, this is very good news. Even though this is a windy city (as you can see in these pictures), it is time to go out and enjoy its beauty.

This outfit is simple and elegant at the same time. I bought the dress and the booties in Topshop, which is in Port Baku Mall. In Baku you can find a lot of brands, shops and also very good deals.



Tyrolean Trending to welcome the Spring

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Austria has been one of my favorite countries since I visited it when I was a teenager. Its landscape, history, music, art, architecture and fashion made me fall in love with it forever.

Traditional Austrian Attire inspired me to create this outfit. I am not the first one because it was in this region where Coco Chanel found the inspiration for the four-pocketed braid-trimmed jacket that would become her legacy.



Creating illusions with dresses and shoes

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I recently wore this outfit to an event. I greatly appreciate how easy it is to complement this dress with accessories. In these pictures I am wearing my basic black Aerosoles shoes with great effect. Imagine what it can look like with some color.


For celebrations and countless other occasions, this Ralph Lauren Sleeveless Illusion Dress is the ultimate classic. It has a dedicated ballet neckline, ribbed belt detail at the waist and a beautiful paneled skirt which gives it a subtle sense of sophistication.


Who was the Oscars best dressed?

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The 2016 Oscars red carpet did not disappoint.

Fantastic brands were plentifully represented such as Armani, Valentino, Chanel, Marchesa and Dior. The celebrities were shining bright on the red carpet at the 88th Academy Awards and I have selected the best dressed (in my opinion).

Click on the individual images above to enlarge.

Which is your favorite dress? I would love to hear from you.

Grand Canyon & Las Vegas Travel Vlog

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This was one of the most awesome trips that I have taken in my life.
The majestic Grand Canyon National Park has such spectacular scenic views and a magical environment that it is impossible to capture its magnificence with a camera or even in words.
After that, I enjoyed the MGM Grand Hotel, buffets, shopping, casinos, exploring the Strip, concerts, and spectacles of Las Vegas.

Thanks for watching!

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Bafta – Red Carpet Fashion Awards

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We had to forget the New York Fashion Week for a moment, because the style set just descended on London’s Royal Opera House for one of the film industry’s biggest events: The 2016 BAFTA Awards. With just two weeks left to go before the Oscars.

Here is my best dressed selection:

Click through the gallery below to see all of the looks from the BAFTA’s red carpet.


Valentine’s Day gifts for him & her

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Deciding what present to buy your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day can be stressful. However, we can’t forget that it is a very important day because, after all, it is the sweetest day of the year.Valentine’s Day2

It is a day not only for couples; it is a day of LOVE for all those close to you. If you are single, you can buy yourself a fantastic gift. Go ahead, spoil yourself.


Get the look: White collar over black dress

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Hi my beautiful friends.

Today I want to show you a look that is incredibly elegant and stylish. A dinner, a cocktail, an event or meeting is the perfect occasion to wear this Ralph Lauren dress (similar here for Spring 2016) which is sure to make you feel beautiful and feminine. It is so versatile that you can even wear it to work. 


The collared dress is a standard design used by many famous fashion designers such as Valentino, Victoria Beckham and Karl Lagerfeld. This may be because of the versatility of the look. You can complement it with your choice of accessories that will make it anything from basic causal to elegantly sophisticated.

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Tip’s on a healthy diet to live young and happy

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Hi beauties!

Many people ask me about my diet and my way of eating because I eat a lot, but I am slim. I also have a lot of energy and rarely get sick. This is because I follow the Macrobiotic diet.

I learned most of my cooking skills from my mother, who is a great cook. I have worked all my life in communications and branding, but cooking was also one of my many interests because we are what we eat.

This is not a diet per se. It is more a philosophy of life which provides meaning for how to live and inspiration to change perspectives and habits. Macrobiotics is the practical application of the natural laws of change. The term comes from the Greek: “macro” meaning great, and “bios” meaning life.

Montse breakfast_2

My breakfast always consists of vegetable milk and oats. Sometimes I include whole grain toasts with natural peanut butter -no sugar added


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Golden Globes 2016: The best of the Red Carpet

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Red carpet season has officially started. The Golden Globes kicked off awards season with a slew of awesome looks. Here is what I think were the most memorable looks and the most beautiful dresses of the night.

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How I created a 1940’s look for the Marine Ball

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The first week I arrived in Baku I attended my first social event: The Marine Ball at the Four Seasons Hotel. However, I still hadn’t received my belongs, so I didn’t have an evening dress available. I only had a bag with basic makeup and clothing articles.

I did not yet know the city in order to go shopping so my best option was to wear the Pleated Dress from Zara that I bought a month before in Manhattan. It was a simple dress, but I knew I could make something beautiful with it.

The most important factor to making a look is not necessarily the dress or its brand, but the knowledge and creativity to do it. This Zara dress inspired me to create a 1940’s look. Even being in a new city without most of my tools, I knew I could do it.

I always have admired actresses like Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake. Creating a vintage look is a definite art form, and getting just the right look takes practice and time.


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Most Dramatic Runway Show

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The last day of the Azerbaijan Fashion Week was fascinating thanks to Leyla Akhmedova's inventiveness. She transported the public to a fascinating place thanks to her creative and theatrical clothing full of exoticism and originality. She borrowed heavily from elements of the circus.


New fashion markets growing up in Eastern Europe

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The second day of the Azerbaijan Fashion Week, on December 1st, at the Boulevard Hotel Baku, featured collections by Samidel and Datuna fashion designers. I discovered new designers full of talent and creativity that are putting Azerbaijan and Eastern Europe on the fashion map.
At the beginning of the video: the dresses with scarlet poppies are designed by Jamila Melikova.

Dress: Mango


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