Travel Vlog: Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan)

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Last weekend I travelled to Azerbaijan’s isolated enclave, Nakhchivan, which is wedged between Turkey, Armenia and Iran. Known as the land of Noah, it shares no land border with mainland Azerbaijan and the only access to it is by airplane.

Nakhchivan is the oldest city of Azerbaijan. Its geographical position, fauna and flora and its ancient cultural monuments, make this a very unique place in the world.

I look forward to reading your comments.

Topshop Lookbook: Striped Dress & Booties

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Spring is here and I am feeling the warm weather coming to Baku. After being spoiled by being in Florida, where it is warm all the year, this is very good news. Even though this is a windy city (as you can see in these pictures), it is time to go out and enjoy its beauty.

This outfit is simple and elegant at the same time. I bought the dress and the booties in Topshop, which is in Port Baku Mall. In Baku you can find a lot of brands, shops and also very good deals.



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