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Happy Monday everyone!

Azerbaijan, the Land of Fire, is a country that has unlimited natural resources, centuries-old culture, history and traditions. I am discovering step by step this unique nation since living in Baku.

This time I am sharing the pictures with you that I took on my recent trip to Lankaran and Lerik.

IMG_3885_1 (Custom)

(Downtown Lerik)

You can also watch the video that I filmed and recently posted.

Because the weather is getting warmer, we traveled on our motorcycle, so we could better enjoy the wonderful views.

Montse Lerik_1 (Custom)

Lankaran is one of the oldest cities in Azerbaijan. The archaeologists have confirmed that the area was inhabited from the Bronze Age.

The Samovar_1 (Custom)

(The Samovar in Lankaran)

We stayed at the Gafgaz Sahil Hotel for a night. As you can see on this picture, the hotel (on the right) is very close to the Caspian Sea (on the left).

IMG_3770_1 (Custom)

IMG_3771_1 (Custom)

(Caspian Sea)

Lerik can be reached from Lankaran using the A323 road. It is a very picturesque route along the Lankaran River and the Hirkan National Park.

Lerik has an amazing setting. Behind are grassy mountains, shrill peaks and a series of deep strident ravines. In front are forested valleys with agricultural hills rolling away towards Yardimli.

IMG_3832_1 (Custom)

IMG_3905_1 (Custom)

IMG_3858_1 (Custom)

IMG_3865_1 (Custom)

We spent the second night at Hotel Relax, located in the middle of the mountain nature where we could experience springs, rivers and incredible landscapes.

IMG_3957_1 (Custom)

It was a great experience because we met fantastic local people selling organic fruit and vegetables along the road and we enjoyed with them talking about football.

IMG_4038_1 (Custom)

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