Tyrolean Trending to welcome the Spring

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Austria has been one of my favorite countries since I visited it when I was a teenager. Its landscape, history, music, art, architecture and fashion made me fall in love with it forever.

Traditional Austrian Attire inspired me to create this outfit. I am not the first one because it was in this region where Coco Chanel found the inspiration for the four-pocketed braid-trimmed jacket that would become her legacy.


The spring just started, however still it is cold in many places, like in Baku, the city where I have been living since last November. I still have to wear winter coats, but I love to do it with colors and imagination.


I bought this Tyrolean hat in Salzburg the last year, the city of Mozart and “The Sound of the Music”. It wasn’t easy to find, but I looked for it everywhere until I found it.


The coat that I am wearing is a popular Spanish brand called Kling, whose pieces are vintage-inspired and unique. I think that it matches the hat perfectly (or vice versa).


The boots and the bag are Steve Madden designs, I got them recently in the United States. I chose the red purse because it is elegant, comfortable and breaks the uniformity of the look with a splash of rebellion.


The glasses are Michael Kors.


I hope you have a nice weekend!

Photos by Arun Kumar

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