Wonderful things to do and see in Washington D.C.

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If there is one city that I love with all my heart and I am completely happy when living there, it is Washington DC.
Many times I dream about DC and I get emotional. It is such an awesome city!
Since the first moment that I arrived, I connected with its energy and felt that it was designed for me.
When I was living there, I woke up very early every weekend to experience it. There are so many things to see and do that you never finishWhy do I love so much the capital of the United States so much?
Free museums: Culture is very important to me. I love museums and art galleries and I grew up in Europe where there are a lot of art galleries to choose. However, unlike the Smithsonian Institute, most you must pay to see. The admission is free for everyone at all Smithsonian Museum buildings. My favorite is the National Museum of American History. The Smithsonian Institution is a treasure because it has many and very different exhibitions.
Monuments and Memorials: From the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument, DC recognizes the country’s founding fathers and those that fought for the country with style.
Gastronomy: The best restaurants in the capital are currently some of the best in the States. It’s great because I can find everything I could possibly want: all kind of cuisine, healthy food, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free. The supermarkets are also amazing and, if you have time and want fresh food, can enjoy the Eastern Market. On weekends, local farm-fresh produce and handmade arts and crafts are sold here.
Magnificent walks: I love to go for walks and lose myself in the streets because all of them are so beautiful. The elegant houses near Dupont Circle, the magnificent National Mall or the gorgeous Georgetown are some of the most amazing places I have experienced in my life.

I lived in Washington DC for a short period of time (I would love to come back someday), but I have learned that this is a great city and it will be one of my homes forever (I am a globetrotter).

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